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When I was a kid, the greatest present I received from my parents was a small black and white camera I was very proud of.

At the age of eleven, I shot a cloister in Bologna, Italy, which was published in HISTORIA (French magazine). This was the beginning of a dream of mine, which was to take up a career of photographer.

From that time, whenever I bought films I was impatient and thrilled to discover the contact sheets with my snapshots. Later, although I toyed with the idea of working as an assistant-photographer, I became a teacher.

My professional life was very busy and varied, but my cameras were all locked in a cupboard for quite a while.
My old hobby rose again when I bartered my Nikon and a Hasselblad for digital gears.

Since that time I learnt, red a lot, visualized tutorials, attended courses, practiced and put a lot of thinking about the purpose and the meaning of photography.

One of my instructors, Sebastian Michaels, pulled the veil down and made me realize that creativity could be expanded limitless.

This is how I have become a brand new photographer and a young artist living my own "Photo Artistic Life".

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